Frequently asked questions

What does "Kulanu" mean?

"Kulanu" is a Hebrew word and means "All of us". Our goal as an organization is to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community for people who identify as both Jewish and LGBTQ+. We invite people of all ages, professions, and Jewish affiliations to attend our events.

How old are the people who attend Kulanu events?

Although we started off as a group for university students and young professionals, our demographic has shifted to include people ages 30 and up. The average age at our events is 25-65. Pub nights, bowling, and coffee events tend to draw a younger crowd. Shabbat Dinners, Chanukah Parties, and Passover Seders draw a mixed aged crowd.

Does Kulanu Toronto cater to a specific religious or gender orientation?

No. Kulanu Toronto prides itself on providing a pluralistic environment where LGBTQ+ Jews of all affiliations can converge in a safe, welcoming space.

How does Kulanu Toronto accommodate for more observant Jews?

We welcome LGBTQ+ Jews of all religious affiliations and levels of observance at our events. Our holiday events are not held on Yom Tov, and our we always have a kosher option if requested in advance.

I’m a student/young professional and would like to meet queer Jews my age. What do you suggest?

We welcome queer Jews of all ages at our events. We offer exciting programs for students and young professionals, including wine and cheese events, speed dating, and BBQ’s. Our leadership team includes a number of people in their 20’s and 30’s who strive to meet the needs of this demographic. We also have specialized student and young professional programming through our KT young professionals sub-division of Kulanu Toronto.

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Is there an annual membership fee to join Kulanu Toronto? 

We encourage our members to support the vital work we do in the community by paying an annual membership fee of $36 (2 x Chai). Please see the “Donate” button on the home page for more information. The annual membership fee is not tax deductible.

I would like to make a donation to Kulanu Toronto. Can I get a tax receipt?  

Donations of $25 and up may be tax deductible through an affiliated organization. Please email to discuss options.

What kinds of events does Kulanu Toronto offer?  

We offer an array of social, cultural, and educational events, including Shabbat Dinners, Chanukah Parties, pub nights, workshops and discussions, games nights, and marching in the Toronto Pride Parade and Dyke and Trans marches. We encourage you to attend a variety of events. There is something for everyone!

I've never been to any LGBT events. What can I expect?  

Expect to have a good time. You'll find the atmosphere friendly, welcoming, and inclusive, and our Executive Committee will be sure to introduce you to some new people. We invite you to bring a friend or family member to our events if you think that would make you more comfortable.

Kulanu Toronto's programming sounds great, but I'm not out. Will I feel comfortable at your events? 

Participants at our events range from those who have attended many times to those just coming out and wanting to develop some friends in the Jewish LGBTQ+ community. Confidentiality, if requested, is always respected. We will do our best to make you feel safe and comfortable. We care that you are with us.

I would like to bring a straight/non-Jewish friend to a Kulanu Toronto event. Are they welcome? 

Absolutely! Our doors are always open to everyone!

Do you have a listing of counsellors who are specialized in addressing LGBTQ+ and Jewish issues? 

Yes! Please click here.

What other supports exist in the GTA area for the LGBTQ+ community? 

Please click here.

Do you have a listing of synagogues in Toronto that are LGBTQ+ inclusive? 

Yes! Please click here for a description of synagogues with contact information.

In December 2017 we distributed a questionnaire to LGBTQ+ inclusive synagogues containing the following questions:

1) Is seating during services mixed or gendered or another configuration (please explain)?
2) Is your synagogue egalitarian (e.g. services and spiritual leadership)?
3) Can openly LGBTQ+ individuals be in a position of leadership (e.g. spiritual and lay leadership)?
4) Would a spiritual leader from your synagogue officiate a same-sex marriage? (if yes please indicate if it is a rabbi or cantor or other)
5) Would a spiritual leader from your synagogue officiate an interfaith marriage? (if yes please indicate if it is a rabbi or cantor or other)
6) Do you have open LGBTQ+ members? (Optional: Approximately what % of your membership.)
7) Do the spiritual leaders have experience talking to congregants about LGBTQ+ acceptance?
8) Does your synagogue offer specialized LGBTQ+ programming?
(NOTE: We are always looking to expand to our list, if your synagogue would like to be included on our website please email

Is there a Rabbi in Toronto who can officiate my wedding to my non-Jewish or Jewish partner? 

Yes! These questions were asked in our December 2017 questionnaire, please click here for the information compiled.